Tuk Tuk Advertising Opportunities

More than 54 million people visited Chicago in 2016!
15M – 20M were in our 3-mile radius!

Do you want to reach those people?
Our vehicles can showcase your brand!
We can do interactive sampling for you too.

Fully Wrap the Vehicle or pick one or more of 12 separate advertising locations on the vehicles.


Tuk Tuk Chicago
Tuk Tuk Chicago


Rear back panel
Price: $1,000


Side door panel

Price: $2,000 (both sides)


Lower front panel

Price: $600 (both sides)


Rear LED sign
Price: $2,000


Rear bottom panel

Price: $1,000

All prices are monthly rates.
Prices do not include design and/or print fees.
Contact us at info@tuktuk-chicago.com

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